Homemade Concrete Stepping Stone Molds

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Homemade Concrete Stepping Stone Molds. Paw print memorial stone mold pet grave marker. Place some cement in the containers add the grid wires and then add the rest of the cement.

AmazonSmile 2 Molds Old Wooden Boards Concrete Mould
AmazonSmile 2 Molds Old Wooden Boards Concrete Mould from www.pinterest.com

Just as with ice cream buckets, pour two to three inches of concrete in the bottom of a plastic utility pail to shape concrete into a round stepping stone. Our stepping stone molds crystal are made out of the liquid rubber that hardens to mold grain and recreate all natural stone texture and grain detail. Standing paw print concrete mold.

To make stepping stones, choose a mold, like a cake pan or a plastic tub, then coat the mold with petroleum jelly or cooking oil to make removing the stone easier.

Making homemade stepping stones for kids. Prepare concrete according to the instructions on the package, then pour around 2 inches into the mold. Brush the wash over the entire surface of the plaque, then wipe off the high points of the design with damp paper toweling. Concrete stepping stone molds for sale and instructions on how to make your own stepping stones.